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May 15, 2012
PAAZAB 23rd Annual Conference 2012

PAAZAB 2012 Delegates

Dr. Fatma Tammam, Undersecretary of State for Egyptian Zoos and Wildlife Conservation, and Dr. Mona Sadek, Giza Zoological Garden Representative, attended PAAZAB 23rd Annual Conference & AGM hosted by Cango Ranch-Oudtshoorn, South Africa 1st– 6thMay 2012.

Prof. Clifford Nxomani, President of PAAZAB, opened the conference & welcomed the conference special guests Quinton Ceotzee, Steve Martin & Prof. Roy Ballantyne. The executive committee & the attendance admired the work achieved at Giza Zoo in such a short period specially the Orangutan House & the Zoological Museum.
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