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Ostrich نعام أفريقي
Ostriches is that they are very fond of water. They frequently take baths when given the opportunity.

Southern Cassowary كسوري
Southern Cassowary is a solitary bird, that pairs only in breeding season.

Emu إميو
The nest is a shallow depression located next to a bush, made of leaves, grass and bark. It holds 15-25 eggs, which come from several hens.

White Pelican بجع أبيض
This is a large pelican, with pure white, rather than grayish-white, plumage, a bare pink facial patch around the eye and pinkish legs.

Grey Heron بلشون رمادي
Its plumage is largely grey above, and off-white below. Adults have a white head with a broad black slender crest.

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